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Promoter’s legal name (national language)

Tokat Ekonomik Kalkınma ve Meslek Edindirme Derneği


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Tokat Economic Develoupe and Vocational Training Association


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Yeniyurt Mah. İsmail Altıngövde Cad. Sanayi Sitesi 20. Blok No:5 Tokat/Turkey


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+90 5453570187


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Omer Faruk



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Please briefly present your organization

Tokat Economic Development and Vocational Training Association supporting vocational and technical training, vocational and technical education supporting, wish to improve young people and adults professional knowledge and skills, established in 2013 by usually volunteer teachers and trainers.

TEKMED is a voluntary employee Association. All kinds of vocational training, and provide training in vocational subjects, diversification of economic activities, encourages innovative efforts to improve the competition in Tokat region. Include surveys and SWOT analysis for the region. Organize meeting  for the province's development and add local resources to provincial economy with research and development, universities, vocational and technical education schools, municipality, civil society organizations, city agencies and organizations, For the development of the province, the Industrialists and business men will support their investments. The province produces for the promotion of activities and projects.

Association; national customs and the family which is the smallest unit of society and the development of moral values of the individual members and the scientific and cultural advancement of our people to contribute to social, cultural, educational, intellectual, artistic, democracy, child rights and women's rights, nature, conservation studies, economic advice and guidance, supports sporting activities and air sports. Residents of Tokat province within the culture and traditions of local and regional traditions gather together in order to live and let live.

A scientific and educational nature of courses, seminars, symposia, conferences, congresses and similar national and international meetings and organizes activities, and contains several scientific publications that include national and international activities. Certificates of expertise are working on these issues and arranges training.

Turkey supports the integration with the European Union. Foreign cultures and encourages intercultural dialogue and understanding and kindness. The country's public and social life creates the conditions for the active participation of young people. Youth organisations and works to improve relations between the business community.

Thought and expression in the press, news and the rights and freedoms of import and export in accordance with the requirements of a democratic society it is striving to be used. The inviolability of the person and freedom knowing that this right is mandatory for the development of society economic and social measures and to develop in ways that do not contradict the principle of equality works.







What are the activities and experience of your organisation in the areas relevant for this application?

Our Association protocol with Tokat KOSGEB Services Department "Applied Entrepreneurship" organized trainings in 2014 and 2015.


Personal development, business and social life communication, training, CNC, 2 and 3-dimensional drafting and professional design, and CAD/CAM courses.


As for the provincial publicity completed in 2014. "Four Seasons" made aerial shots of the project. The air in many cities of our country led to the photographed.


2014-1-TR01-KA102-009202 accepted by the Turkish National Agency "Vocational and Technical Education Students Gaining Business Experience in Europe" project was successfully implemented.


Tokat Governorship Directorate of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation was coordinator of the consortium in the project 2015-1-TR01-KA104-020614 "Methods and Monitoring of Implementation Used in Education for Disadvantaged Individuals in Europe" and our association was a member of the consortium.


Tokat Governor was coordinator and Tokat Municipality and Tokat Economic Develoupment and Vocational Training Association were members in the consortium, The Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA) supported the project "Contributions to Social Entrepreneurship in Tokat Vision" and consortium completed it successfully.


Turkish Youth and Sports Ministry accepted project of our association; GPDP No. 14 11 922 "The Future is in the Heavens" was introduced with young people with project aviation activities.


In 2015 in the province of Tokat, is one of two institutions to receive accreditation EVS.


Tokat and districts in 2016 in vocational and technical education schools "Human Resources Development and entrepreneurship” conference, were held in 20 schools.


Conference organized by Association examples:

Human Rights,


The Development Of Turkish Aviation,

Informal Employment Issues

Research Techniques,



Ata Model Airplane Contest

Radio-Controlled Model Airplane Contest

Radio-Controlled Model Helicopter Competition


He made picnics with young people. Entrepreneurship makes company visits were made and gave free advice. 52 NGOs attended by "Tokat Learning Festival" opening stand was appreciated. Held Scouting activities.









What are the skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved in this application?

Muslim Kaçmaz is a Mechanical Technology Teacher in Tokat Vocational Technical High School. He participated in Seven Months Time English courses. SEP SEP- Tokat  Technical Teacher Development Project participants (19/07 / 2009-02 / 08/2009 Regenstauf / Germany) Free Flight Guide for Teachers. Turkish Aeronautical Association member. Tokat Poets and Writers Association "Kümbet Magazine" "Different Impressions from our Germany Travel I, II, III" has articles. Regional Project-Based Skills Competition 2010-2011 Academic Year "Production and Technology Services Group" Second, Aero Youth Project  (Coach-TR-12-458-2011-R3) Coach the "Dissemination Aerial Photography” project coach (TR-12-76-2012-R3). Europe Business Experience of Vocational and Technical Education Students Gaining" project coordinator (2014-1-TR01-KA102-009202). The Future is in the Heavens (Turkey's Youth and Sports Ministry GPDP 14 11 922) project coach,  Tokat Economic, Social and Cultural Research Society founder member, Tokat Economic Development and Vocational Training Association is a founding member and president of the association. Turkish National Agency "10 year Festival 81 Cities 81 Projects" project activity participants for Tokat. In 2016, 20 vocational and technical schools in the "Development of Human Resources and Entrepreneurship" conference gave. 2015-1-TR01-KA102-020181 "European Sustainable Training Project” participant.


Omer Faruk Kacmaz is a student in Gaziosmanpasa Medicine Faculty. Project participant in Aero Photography TR-12-76-2012-R3. Project coordinatore İstikbal Göklerdedir GPDP 14 11 922 Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports (Turkiye Genclik ve Spor Bakanlığı). He is youth koordinator in association. Youth held contests.





Have you applied for/received a grant from any European Union programme in the 12 months preceding this application?

EU Programme


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Tokat Governorship Directorate of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation

























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