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Coordinator BBJ Consultag Company in Germany , Tokat Economic Development and Vocational Training Association in Turkey, Association for Intercultural Dialogue Association in Romania, Balkanska Agenciyaza Ustoychivo Razvitie in Bulgaria, Euromedi Engineering Sl Spain and Institouto Politismou Laogfias Athlitismou Kaineon Tehnologion in Greece prepared in partnership with. 2018-1-DE04-KA205-016158 Love Doesn't Hurt Project, supported by the National Agency of Germany, continued with trainings in Curtea De Arges, Romania.
Trainings were prepared by Tania Nicolau and continued at Posada Hotel. Representing our country, Tokat Vocational Technical Anatolian High School Teachers Orhan Şen, Gazi Erden, Mustafa Akyüz and Muslim Kaçmaz attended.
Violence refers to the optional limitation of freedoms that result in the physical, psychological, economic, social, sexual or sexual harm or suffering of individuals or other living things without any reason. Violence can be among people, or can be applied to another creature or a lifeless object. There is no need for physical harm to violence. Violence problems were analyzed. Participants discussed and proposed solutions.
After the participants have completed their knowledge on violence; citizen journalism was discussed. Differences between professional journalism and citizen journalism were explained. Citizen journalism is based on the active role of the public in collecting, recording, analyzing and disseminating news and information. Citizen journalism, as well as the increasing number of mobile phone sovereignty, as well as new media technology, for example social networking and media sharing sites, have made citizen journalism more accessible worldwide. Thanks to the availability of technology, people can communicate their breaking news faster than traditional media reporters. The most remarkable examples of citizen journalism in communicating the world's major events were discussed with women in different ways to create violence, domestic violence, sexual violence and anti-violence. In the context of human rights and respect, the need for citizen journalism was discussed.

Participants of Love Doesnt Hurt Project; Worked with Vlaicu Voda National College students and teachers. There were interviews about violence and videos were prepared.

Curtea de Arges Castle and the historical natural beauties of the city were seen.

After the satisfaction questionnaire was applied to the participants, the project was terminated.

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