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Turkey's National Agency  supported 2017-3-TR01-KA347-047789 Youth Policy of the Intersectoral Integrated Approach Project was implemented in Tokat Province. The Coordinator Tokat Economic Development and Vocational Training Association, Partner Sfera Macedonia and Partner Danube Youth Center in Romania.


They tried to meet young people with ice breaking games.


Tokat Deputy Mayor Selehattin Kelemci met with the participants and chatted. In the address to the participants, "Welcome to our country, you will love our Tokat people who have opened their hearts and will share their love ... You will love Tokat ... You will have a very rich city with its history and culture ... Our country is rich in food culture ... Each city has its own food culture. I know that TEKMED is an experienced association that has a good organization and we will meet you with these tastes. "Tokat Municipality gave gift to participants.


Tokat Vakıflar Regional Director Yilmaz Kılınç and guides presented Tokat to the participants.


Tokat Vocational Technical Anatolian High School organized the "International Involvement of Entrepreneurship and Human Resources".


Career day on "Professional Ethics" was held, the idea father of the Honorary Guest Joint Use Workshop of the program, Halil Kargacıer who was retired from National Education as a founder and teacher of Konfor Machine.


"Analysis of the Problems in Vocational Technical Education was presented.


"Added Value High Product Presentation.


"Investment and Production Economy Presentation" was held.


"School Industry Cooperation Development Presentation" was realized.


"Presentation on the Elements and Features that Industry 4.0 Technology Needs" was realized.


Gazi Osman Paşa University Technopark visited.


TMS Machinery was visited.


The "Public Usage Workshop" established by the Chamber of Mineral Artisans was visited.


Tourist stalls were opened by the Municipality of Tokat to the Government Square.


Tokat Provincial Director of National Education Branch Abdullah Taş met with the participants. Vocational Training was discussed.

Discussions were held with the young scientists Halil İbrahim Yüksel, Director of Science and Technology and Technology. Halil İbrahim Yüksel "I welcome you Tokat, I greet you from the heart, you are very important to us, I will have a wish before we start a discussion program with you. Of course we have good and bad sides. "I will be very happy with this, we will not be able to criticize ourselves, we will develop it, we will look forward to this program, we look forward to this program, look at our young people's eyes, look ahead to the future.


Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education Vocational Technical Education Branch Manager Efkan Karaerkek came together with the project participants.


Almus Multi Programmed Anatolian High School was visited by our participants. Participants questions were answered by vocational teachers at school. School Principal Sami Atasoy Assistant Principal Nuh Gulmez was involved with the participants; Tokat Vocational


Technical Education Branch Manager Efkan Karaerkek was with our project participants. In general, our participants are very familiar with the school.


A panel was held on the areas where the countries were most productive and on the contribution of the future of the European Union. Turkish, Romanian and Macedonian youth countries and the future of the European Union. In general, it was shared that there was economic stagnation in Europe and that a new dynamism was needed.


Industry 4.0 Conference was organized by Muslim Kaçmaz, President of Tokat Economic Development and Vocational Training Association, in Almus Multi Programmed Anatolian High School conference hall.


Mesut Çıtak, Director of the National Education Branch of Almus District participated. Participants chatted with the young people during the meal.


Tokat İŞGEM conference room was held with participants young people and conversation on the situation of LABOR Manager Yükselkuşlu Sanayi 4.0 and the enterprises.


Participants discussed with Mithat Eş, Head of Tokat Branch of Education Business Union.


Educational Birsen Syndicate Tokat Branch President Şaban Ceylan and project participants met.


They visited the Ballica Cave. Although it is one of the biggest and most magnificent caves of the world in Tokat Ili Pazar District, it is the undiscovered and unexplored part of the Ballica Cave; today it meets with visitors 8 rooms with a length of 680 m. This mysterious place in Tokat Island is gaining importance in the field of tourism. Although its age is estimated at 3.4 million years, this unique place, which is dragged into a mysterious journey by age, is also of great international significance with its original Onion stalactites.


Zübeyde Hanım Vocational Technical Anatolian High School was visited. Director Bekir Korkat and participants, Vocational school comparisons were made.


Tokat kebabı is the local food culture of Tokat. The most special dishes were provided to taste.


The rural development workshop was held.


The European Union's rural development policy workshop was held.


- Shared regional identity and social cohesion

- Focus around the desired destination points

- Entrepreneurial environment

- Good education level

- Cooperation with other neighboring areas

- An attractive cultural and natural environment

- the possibility of access to appropriate information in cooperation with other rural areas of Europe;

Such topics were discussed mainly.


At the Tokat School of Social Sciences, with the participation of school students, the future of the Industrial 4.0 revolution was discussed.

Our participants attended


Tokat's biggest school, Tokat Vocational Technical Anatolian High School Director Ali Vanlıoğlu.


The document was introduced.

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