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Our project was implemented in Tokat province. Our project was implemented in Tokat province. Tokat Economic Development and Vocational Training Association - Turkey, Ofensiv to Tineril is Asocit - Romania, SYTEV - Slovakia, Epal Kavalas Grece, institutions in collaboration. The project submitted by our coordinator has been revised. The contract was reviewed and events were organized on the activities supported. Participating young people were between 15 and 30 years old. Among them were those who are engaged in aerial photography. But in general, our participants were very eager to see, Two teachers of Civil Aviation Drone Flight Pilot participated in continuous trainings in TEKMED and informed the young people. Aviation has been treated in the thought that the slightest inattention to many disciplines can have unpleasant consequences. Aerial photograph; balloons, airplanes, helicopters etc. for various purposes. to take birds-eye photographs of the subject from air vehicles. Aerial photographs; especially in military field, cartography, archeology, monitoring and control applications; wildlife, vegetation, urban development, roads, forestry, border control and so on. floods after a disaster, forest fire etc. fast data is used in aggregate, in agriculture and especially in tourism and promotion areas. Tokat Economic Development and Vocational Training Association members have an experience starting from 2012. In our country, many photographs of the air of our province are made as social responsibility. Participants made presentations about the activities we made with our aircraft after activities such as ice breaking. Participants were informed. The necessary permits were obtained from Tokat Governor's Office for Drone flights. A visit to the governor's office was made. Drone flight applications were made in three regions. Tokat Erenler region, Ballica Nature Park and Almus Dam Lake. Extensive teaching methods were applied. Adjustment of the drones, control, charge measurement, battery, propeller, etc. workshops were held in workshop environments. Discussions were made on the captured aerial photographs, and the idea storm method was applied. In terms of participants, male and female balance was observed. Equality was provided in the Turkish, Slovak and Romanian groups. But 1 Epal Kavalas came as a male attendant because she was a vocational high school in Greece. Participants' security was organized together with Tokat Security Directorate. They met their needs in the best possible way. Drone could not edit the aerial photographs because the flights were subject to legal regulations. But drone flights were carried out under the supervision of instructors so as not to endanger the participating youth. Participants took their own aerial photographs. The project caused cultural interactions among participants. Especially Turkish and Greek youth were almost like siblings. The food culture of our city was presented for our participants. Coffee was drunk in Taşhan from historical places. At Mahperi Hatun Caravanserai, dinner was served. Ballica Cave, Tokat Museum was visited. The activities of the project were realized in the regions determined by the transfer vehicles that were organized after the training. Project activities started with preparations, applied with mobility and continued after mobility. Sustainability will continue in our work. Tokat press was interested in the project activities. News in the newspapers were given in attendance. He helped the English teachers working in the Tokat Provincial Directorate of National Education. The Tokat municipality gave a gift of scarf and key. Project activities were spread in social media, web sites, newspapers, news sites in detail.

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