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About the Project
Project ID.2017-01-CY02-R1-000933
Mobility of Youthworkers
8-18/03/2018, Larnaca
Organizer Network for European Citizenship and Identity http://necicyprus.wixsite.com/RSG2018
The Training Course was prepared, organized and hosted by NECI Cyprus between 8/3-18/3/2018 with 22 participants in Larnaca. Participants were youthworkers coming from partners’ NGOs from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, Spain and mainly aim to develop awareness and increase capacity on how to respond to inclusive environment especially when dealing with refugees and civil asylum seekers.

The Structure of the Activities
NECI Cyprus under coordination of the project manager and trainer Renos Georgiou, organized several opportunities for collaboration and interplay between participants through NFL such as sharing and reflecting on ideas, simulations, role plays, Forum Theater, digital interaction, energisers, teambuilding activities, outdoor-community research and sessions with refugees. The basic idea behind the designing of the activities in order to meet the objectives is based on the Scaffolding technique.
a) At first participants started with sessions to rise the interest and remove hesitations to participation and interaction between them.
b) The activities continued with sessions to rise their awareness on the importance of social inclusion and prepare the participant to be more involved into it

c) Then we tried to increase the competence of self-awareness and assist the y.w to find their own potentials in order to match social inclusion need and ideas into their own self development process.

d) Afterwards we created together situations where participants put into practice new competences along with self awareness techniques in order to facilitate social inclusion. The main idea is to turn them from active (or inactive) individuals, into active citizens with an emerged interest on social inclusion.
It is important to mention that we provided space and time to participants to be informed about several tools for personal development, such self reflection, social and intercultural sets for increasing intercultural dialogue and skills, develop languages and promote Competences.

Amongst others they were involved in sessions for Youthpass and Europass CV certificates and have met and discuss with National Commissioner of Volunteerism and NGOs in Cyprus, Mr Yiannis Yiannaki.

They have also designed and delivered/presented Flashmob in Phoinikoudes (Athenon Avenue) by the Castle on the topic of cooperation, solidarity and inclusion. Locals and tourists were attracted and joined the activity but also they were informed by dissemination products and notes that have been prepared by participants.

In regards the evaluation we applied methods (ongoing and final evaluation) for checking whether the activities met the objectives. Daily we had reflection time where participants worked in pairs as learning buddies and then with the mentor. Also we applied qualitative methods from observation, informal discussion and recorded interviews where participants discussed their learning experience and how this reflects and links to their personal and professional development and expectations. final evaluation though individual reflection diaries, quantitative evaluation (google forms), qualitative evaluation with interviews and non formal approaches, through youthpass reflections and EC participant’s report on Mob tool+. Results and analysis showed success on achieving the objectives, and mainly increasing awareness on how to respond to inclusive settings and be more empathetic to diversity. Participants mentioned their will to support this project concept and many of them expressed their interest to join more projects organized by NECI CY.

Reflections of Participants:
This training course is my first and it was an important experience for me. I found it useful and really wellstructured. It helps me learn a lot of things about refugees and social inclusion. [Natasa, Greece]
I have to admit that before this training course I had slightly negative attitude towards refugees. At the camp my perspective changed - I saw their point of view. I saw how easy it is for your life to change and to never be the same again. Those people deserve a chance just as much as we do. I think more people should visit such places and inform themselves of the truth. [Radostina, Bulgaria]
Certain activities surprised me, because they reveal how is difficult to think differently, to escape from the easy way, to open the eyes on some social questions. [Francesco, Italy]
With activities like role-plays or the forum theatre I have had the opportunity to interfere in situations that Europe presents dayly. Thanks to these activities I have been aware of the current problems that Europe suffers. [Sara, Spain]

Partners NGOs:
(a) NECI Cyprus;
(b) Asociatia Young Ambassadors, Romania
(c) PECO Italia;
(d) Youth Support Centre
(e) NECI- Hellas;
(f) Lifos Youth Group Turkey;
(g) Backslash Spain;
(h) Diabetes, Prediabetes and MS, Bulgaria

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